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Opening Times

As a small rural school, our opening times reflect the need for families to travel to the school whilst also ensuring siblings can be taken and collected from the local junior schools.  We have submitted our opening times to the Local Authority and will follow any guidance, including parent consultation on different timings in line with the government's White Paper 2022.

Parent Consultation Survey: Opening Times:

Current Timings:

8:45am - 9:00am Soft Start 

Gates open at 8:45am

-8:45-9am quick drop-off at the front gate.  A member of staff will be supervising. Where possible, we ask that parents leave their child at the gate.

Gates close at 9:00am

-Any child arriving after this time will require their parent/carer to call on the gate intercom, for their child to gain access to the school site.  As lessons will have begun, we ask that parents/carers go straight to the office to sign their child in.  The parent/carer is required to complete a late form, detailing the reasons for the late arrival.   Three lates within a half-term will prompt a meeting with the headteacher to discuss support to ensure the child does not miss any more education. Formal lessons start at 9am. It is imperative that children do not miss learning and have the very best opportunity to succeed.

 3pm School finishes 

Gates are opened at 2.55pm

-Parents/carers come on to the playground.

-Collection is from the main entrance or side gate for Early Years.

-Please stand back, in a space where your child and their teacher can see you, so they may be dismissed safely.

-If you need to talk to the teacher, please allow all children to be dismissed safely first before approaching them.  Longer discussions may require a scheduled meeting.


We pack the children's learning day full of wonderful opportunities, interactions and fun.  Please help the children to gain the most from their school day by building a morning routine and afternoon schedule so punctuality is mastered.